SPD - the Simple Password Displayer


SPD is a CLI-based passwordmanager, written in Perl and using GnuPG to encrypt its data.

At the moment we are rewriting SPD in Python, so a lot may be broken in SVN

Why yet another password manager?

Q: Can't you just use pwsafe, KeyPass/KeePassX or something professional, where you can pay a lot of money for, instead of the crappy OpenSource-Stuff?

A: None of them is capable of handling multiple users. That's mainly all... When you are a systemadministrator you have to share a lot of passwords with your colleagues. Using an encrypted spreadsheet on a networkdrive is quite inefficent and dangerous.

The main goal of SPD is to have a password manager, which makes your daily work easier. The password gets printed red-on-red, so nobody can see it, but you still can copy&paste it. You don't need to watch your back anymore, when looking for a password!

Its datafile is nothing more, than a gpg encrypted TAB-separated list, so even if you want stop using it (but believe me, you won't!), you may just import it in your ugly spreadsheet again.